Monday, July 2, 2018

Eunogo - Be empowered

Recently discovered a new Cosmetic Agency Based in Korea and Singapore to assist Singaporeans with advice on plastic surgeons and process base in South Korea!

Their prices is reasonable too !

If you are afraid its a counterfeit or fraud or not certified , dont be as they verify all clinic before recommendation!
They are even licensed by  Korea Ministry ofHealth and Welfare

Their founder Miss Joy Kang is really an inspiration to all women.

I believe that hardwork creates beauty and women should be independent and strong in all aspects.

Women isnt weak

And im on the process of weight lost too.

Lost 4 kg since last month and will continue to try harder .Striving for 1200kcal  a day seems easy but hard too LOL

Lets stay healthy and beautiful in our own ways !

Plastic surgery is no longer a prohibted thing or a taboo.

If you feel better after doing plastic surgery, the choice i up to you. People opinion would not matter as long as you feel good about yourself.

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